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Running for office and money make for an unsavory mix.  To end the buying of influence through pay-to-play, I am self-imposing a cap of $100.00 from any contributor to my campaign.  That sum, or lesser amounts, is in reach to many more constituents.    But be warned: the money will go towards a campaign for better government, and for the general benefit of all constituents, regardless of  political affiliation.  No favoritism can be expected.  I invite other candidates to join in.  Indeed, practically speaking, I will probably never learn who did, or did not, contribute to my campaign.

Contributions can be made payable to “Iannarelli for Assembly” and sent to the campaign accountant/treasurer, Mr. Thomas Catanio, C.P.A.,   Catanio, Moskowitz, & Gutwetter PC,    70 Grand Avenue, Suite 105, River Edge, NJ 07661

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